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Merit Scholarship

Merit Scholarship in the form of full free ship on tuition fee would be provided to one student of each branch on the basis of branch-wise merit.

Criteria for Award of Merit Scholarships

  • Merit Scholarships in the form of full free ship on tuition fee may be awarded to the students on the basis of JEE (Main) rank for the first year, and on the basis of CGPA of previous year in second, third and final year provided it is not less than 6.5. The broad guidelines to be followed are as below but the guidelines can be fine tuned as per desire of the donor.
  • For UG Programmes, the students should have been admitted on the basis of JEE (Main) rank list.
  • The student has cleared all the examinations of the previous semester/year in the first available opportunity except for co-curricular activities course.
  • The student should not be on disciplinary probation.
  • Free-ship would be discontinued if the student fails in any of the subjects in subsequent odd semester except in physical education and/or his/her CGPA in the subsequent odd semester is less than 6.5
  • Free-ship may be discontinued if the student indulges in any act of indiscipline or violates the code of conduct. Regularity in attendance is also implied condition for the continuance of the scholarship both for UG and PG Programmes.
  • Unauthorized absence from the Institute will result in forfeiture of scholarship in part or in whole for the period of absence or subsequent to such absence.
  • A student who has not appeared in the End Semester Examination due to shortage of attendance or otherwise will be debarred from future payment of scholarship till he clears the Semester Examination in which he/she has not appeared. No scholarship will be payable for the intervening period.
  • Unsatisfactory progress of a student during the course may result in discontinuation of scholarship.
  • The other guidelines prevalent in the Institute for the award of merit scholarships will also be applicable on all such students who will get scholarships from the Alumni.


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