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      There are a wide range of scholarships open to students at the University. Scholarships are offered to the best and brightest applicants from undergraduate and graduate programs. Students with good academic track record, having the confidence of maintaining the consistency of their performance may apply for the Vignan Scholarship Programme.

Procedure for awarding the scholarships  

  • Merit scholarships will be awarded by considering performance of students across all the branches when the syllabus is common.
  • When the syllabus is different from branch to branch merit scholarships will be awarded branch wise.
  • Distribution of merit scholarships is as follows:
    • First 1/5th of the top 5% students will be awarded - 50% of category - A fee
    • Next 2/5th of the top 5% students will be awarded - 30% of category - A fee
    • Remaining 2/5th of the top 5% students will be awarded - 20% of category - A fee


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